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Water Shortage

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What's New?                     Water Shortage Below!

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Nevada Update ... Sara's Blasts and Updates

011223 ... Resolve to save water in 2023.

010623 ... Important information for 2023.

120622 ... Class - Topic: Companion & Emotional Support

                 Animals - CE.0398000 Law – 2 Hours

                 When: Dec 9, 2022, 10:00 AM Pacific Time

111122 ... Classes & Ronald McDonald House Tabs

110722 ... 3 Fair Housing Classes for Managers, Board

                 Members and RE Agents ,,, LV & Laughlin.

100622 ... 2 Classes in Northern Nevada. 

100222 ... More Classes - Don't wait till the last minute!

091622 ... A couple of important things!

090622 ... Classes for managers & homeowners. 3 Class

                 Notices in this e-mail. Don't miss any. Reminder

                 about the Commission meeting is #4

082422 ... Classes and Links.

081022 ... Pre-Licensing & Class this Friday ...  Companion &

                 Emotional support animal

072022 ... Free - New Class - Southern NV Water Authority -

                 "Trees - and damage to them - with Turf removal".

062722 ... ASPHALT PRICES ARE SKY HIGH ... Read This!

​​​Library & Forms 

072022 ... Directors on Committees

053122 ... Your condo can incur liability by just filling out                             a routine form. 

051522 ... Living in an HOA ... or Not!

040122 ... Living Up to Your Fiduciary Duty as Board


We're in a Dangerous Drought and Pending Water Shortage!!
Water Smart Landscaping - See New Flier!!

These conditions have existed before on this planet and in our country. It has happened before and it will happen again. BUT … We don't know the timeline and therefore, we have to assume that it will continue into the unpredictable future. That being said, we now need to seriously conserve this precious resource. Below are links and phone numbers for the Las Vegas Valley Water District, the City of North Las Vegas and the City of Henderson. Unfortunately, as we checked out these links and phone numbers we discovered that the Cities and Water District do not yet seem to be serious about the water situation. There should be 24 hour/7day a week numbers to call to report serious water infractions, line breaks, etc. There aren't – currently. Until the State, Cities and other involved entities in Nevada take the current water situation seriously, we will continue to waste water. What's amazing is that the Southern Nevada Water Authority has responsibility over this, BUT NO AUTHORITY!!! Therefore, we as individuals will have to take up the slack and do our part.

The numbers and links that we have been told to use to report water waste are shown below.

Las Vegas Valley Water District: 702-870-4194


City of Henderson: 702-870-4194


North Las Vegas: 702-633-1275


Link to June 10, 2021 Las Vegas Review Journal Article

This is a MUST READ for HOA's and Homeowners.

Living Up to Your Fiduciary Duty as an HOA Board Member 

Though this may be news to many homeowners diligently serving
on association boards throughout Nevada, by stepping up to the
plate and agreeing to volunteer your time and effort, you're agreeing
to act as a fiduciary on behalf of your fellow owners. That's not just
a big word. It carries legal consequences if you - even unknowingly - 
breach that duty. Here's what you need to know about fulfilling your fiduciary duty as an association board member.

The New Learning NORM? ... Distance Learning with ZOOM ...

With the onset of this global China virus fiasco, we have been forced to deal with new ways of doing everyday things, such as learning through remote education. The ZOOM tele meeting platform has become a staple for many institutions (once all the company's problems were addressed.) It offers a smooth process for holding remote meetings and training sessions. 


The Nevada HOA industry has used ZOOM for the past year+ carrying out numerous training sessions. For credit classes the challenge has been to be able to verify a person's presence and attention during a class if they profess to having no video capability. Without video, it is nearly impossible to CERTIFY (to the Division) a person's attendance throughout the class. CAM students are required to have stable video and sound.

CAS (Community Association Solutions) has determined that "no video" will no longer be an excepted excuse. Management companies must now make accommodations for managers in the office or for them to have access to a proper laptop or tablet for use in another location. Distance learning, to some extent, is here to stay. PC's without video cams are not an excuse. USB video cams are readily available and simple to hook up. Once plugged in to the USB port, the computer will recognize it as a built in CAM.  All phones and tablets today have CAMS  built in. The ZOOM app on the phone will take advantage of the phone's CAM when connected to ZOOM and logged in to the class. There are also a number of apps available for phones that will turn the phone CAM into a USB cam when plugged in via USB to the PC. Works great! Some are free. So there are really no excuses for not being seen on video for class attendance verification.

The use of only a phone to attend a ZOOM class is really unacceptable by itself as is being in a moving vehicle. You must be able to view the class on a tablet or PC with a decent size screen and use the phone for video CAM purposes only.

CAS is happy to provide assistance to anyone needing technical help in getting set up for this type of learning to where you have the proper environment. Any type of distractions should be removed or mitigated (noise, interruptions from others, etc.)

Welcome to

This site is dedicated to those volunteers who serve on the boards and committees of a Common Interest Community and others who provide services to this industry. It is the dedicated and committed members of these two groups who make the community association concept work regardless of all of the forces striving to make it fail. These people need all of the help they can get. It is the intention of those developing this site and others associated with it to provide that help. We hope to accomplish this by providing useful information, tools and support.

Fall 22 RNO-LV Schedule

LINKS & General


CE Classes

North & South - Nevada

CE Calendar Reno & LV

Click link to CIC Main Page
(Common Interest Communities & Condominium Hotels)
CAM Education Schedules
(Manager Pre-licensing)
NOTE: Attendees for CE credits, there is a fee for attending the scheduled CAM classes. ZOOM CE or CAM attendees MUST be on clear video in order to obtain credits. No excuses accepted. Phone video will be accepted only of a clear, uninterrupted video stream is available.
(Scheduled CAM class line-up subject to change. CE students should check before booking a class.)

Key Realty School website

Late Summer 2022 ... RNO

(Will not occur unless at least 15 students signed up with Key. May be via ZOOM.)

2022 RNO Classes Cancelled


Fall 2022 ... RNO-LV


Spring 2023 ... LV

Not Yet Scheduled

CAI PMDP (Management)
Course Schedules



Community Association Management Executive Officers, inc.
CAMEO website currently not available


Internet Crime Center Site


This is the site where you can
go to report threats made
against you on the Internet
(such as through email) or
if you are harassed.

Quote That Will Always Hold True


Key Points to Consider for Reserves and Reserve Studies!!  
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Links to articles previously on this Home Page.

Fiduciary Duty

Site Updated Regularly.
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Advertise on this page in slide show above or in select other locations on our site. (Views are of drought-stricken Nevada
... and 2-3 years old.)


Watch for Sara's Blasts!

2023 is a new legislative year.Keep watch!

In Nevada, there is a lot of legislation that affects Common Interest Communities (CICs) and as you know, much of it isn't necessarily friendly to CIC Owners. Please continue to monitor Sara's blasts for
new info. Email:

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