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Nevada Statute Books -

2017/18 Statute Books ....

Preparation of Statute books started the end of September 2017. Print copy was sent to the printer on 11/27/17. Printing takes 3-4 weeks. That put availability in mid to late December 2017. Orders are filled on a 1st in 1st out basis. NO ORDERS will be filled if payment has not first been received. The cost of the books is beyond reasonable therefore no bulk pricing is available.

The Statute books are produced and paid for by Sara Barry. No profit is made from these books. The Statutes have been formatted, edited, commented and indexed by Sara Barry. No other individual or company has been involved with the production of these books.

For those who feel that they should be free, free copies of all of the statutes and regs can be found and downloaded from the State of Nevada website. Of course they are unformatted with no indexing and no additional content.

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Statute Books

Contact for information on ordering of the books.

ALL books must be paid for in advance.

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